Monday, January 9, 2012

We Are Walking for Education Monday, MLK Day!

Dear Friends of Homework Night,

In 2011, we launched this initiative with the first Walk for Education on MLK Day.  As the couple hundred of us who participated know, it was a beautiful and moving sight to see the crowd, young and old, from all corners of our community, rally around the cause of bringing help and hope to children in need!  And the next week, we launched the pilot location of Homework Night, at the Zion Tabernacle Community Center.  

A year has gone by, and HomeworkNight has made a real impact: 
  • We have tutored children every Monday Night during school at the Pilot location, with real results in delivering help and hope through tutoring and positive role models.
  • The high school and college students who have invested in children have grown in their leadership and their vision for what positive community looks like.  
  • Our relationships with schools has brought about classroom mentoring opportunities that are making real, tangible life-changing results.
  • We have raised the expectations for what is possible when we connect people who care with children in need.  
Our 2nd Walk for Education is Monday, Jan. 16th, MLK Day.  We will gather at the Civic Center / Millennium Park @ 7:30 am, and depart for Zion Tabernacle @ 8 am. We will have a rally and presentation at Zion around 9:30.  Transportation back to the Civic Center will be available for those who need it. Our Walk Chairs are Gage Navarre (whose Eagle Scout project with year was to raise a huge amount of school supplies for HomeworkNight!), Mayor Randy Roach, and Rev. Alvin Brass. 

If you haven't watched it lately, I encourage you to watch Dr. King's I have a Dream speech (Click Here).  Last year, at the tail of the walk, I met an awesome lady who was there, August 28, 1963, on the Mall in Washington, D.C. as a little girl.  She remembers the day with such power!  

What is your dream for our city, our community?  

We're dreaming of a place where we come together for a common cause, to build a better community for all here, lifting up one child at a time.  Our vision is not one HomeworkNight location, but to be a catalyst for dozens and dozens of them, all over our parish.

See you on Monday!

Paul Pettefer, 

p.s. Please forward this to the people you have heard say they want our community to be different.  

p.p.s. Find out more on our website, (you are Here, Yeah!).  Pictures, videos and a small sample of the stories are here.    

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As the 2011 Walk starts!

How does Homework Night Effect Kids?  A Junior in High School's Perspective

We, the KIDS!, put on a Banquet to celebrate Local Hero's this year, the only adults to speak were Willie and Mr. Navarre

Here is the perspective from a Dad whose daughter is a regular at HomeworkNight.  We Love Miriam

Walking up the Bridge - Paul's Perspective on the 2011 Walk

2nd Annual, Monday, Jan 16, MLK Day, Civic Cenber, 7:30 am, by the new park...Be There!

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