Thursday, September 8, 2011

New School Year Kickoff Sept 12!

We had a great summer, sharing it with a group of Homework Night students in some off-site leadership development environments.  Thanks to Willie, Velika, and some other friends like Nick Hunter for being so supportive in developing these children!

This Monday, September 12, we kick off the new school year of Homework Night at Zion Tabernacle's Community Center.  The Student Leadership group held a great meeting this afternoon, and here are a couple of videos...let's see what the kids have to say:

And here is the word from the biggest kid in our midst, Willie!

Want to be a part of changing a child, and changing our city as a result?  Meet us at 910 N. Shattuck St at 5 pm on Monday, September 12 for Homework Night!  (Seriously, just show up - we are doing Volunteer Orientation on site.)

Believing that theCityWillBeDifferent, paul