Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Homework Night?

  • It is a tutoring initiative.  We will help children with their homework for the week, or go over other education materials as they need.  Our hope is that positive role models and mentoring happen over the course of time at Homework Night. 

Where is it at?

  • Our initial location is the Community Center @ Zion Tabernacle Baptist Church, 901 N. Shattuck St.  It’s the new building on their campus, the main entrance is in the back.  Our goal is to bring this flavor of help and hope to every corner of our parish.  Let us know if you want to start Homework Night at your church.

Will it be secure?

  • Deputies from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office or Officers from the Lake Charles Police Department will be present for Homework Night.   We will screen volunteers, and run background checks. 

What if my child doesn’t have homework?

  • It is very helpful for your child to bring their homework with them.  If they don’t, we will attempt to have some tutoring materials and sample work to go through with your child. 

Who are the tutors?

  • This is a volunteer initiative.  The tutors are people who care enough to invest their time and energy in serving children in our community.  You do not have to be a professional teacher or such to help.  Caring and a desire to help children are our key ingredients to providing help and hope to children. 

Who is

  • This initiative was started and is led by volunteers who care enough to answer the call.  The genesis of the movement came from a group of local high school students, and their role models/leaders, people such as Willie King, Velika Hurst, and Paul Pettefer, together with leaders in business, government, and public schools.

Is this going to be a church worship service?

  • No.  Homework Night at the Community Center @ Zion Tabernacle Baptist Church is being sponsored by Zion, and led by volunteers from all over our community.  There may be prayer to open or close the evening, or an inspirational song as a part of the large group time. 

Do I have to be there at 5 pm?

  • It’s better if students arrive then, but we welcome you to arrive whenever you can on Monday Nights, from 5-7.  (Snacks available before 5, so get there early!)

Will there be snacks and drinks provided for children?

  • Yes, our plan is to provide snacks (hot dogs style) and drinks for children.  Snacks will be available starting at 4:30, so get there early. 

What is the layout/agenda on Monday nights?

  • We start with snacks, sign-in and a large group activity, then get into tutoring.  We will end with a short large group activity, and be done by 7 pm. 

How many tutors will there be?  Is this one-on-one tutoring?

  • We would love to have One-On-One tutoring every week.  Since this is a volunteer effort, we don’t have an exact count.  We will keep recruiting volunteers and children!  After you hang out with us for a while, we think you will too!

What if we need transportation?

  • We are working to partner with people and churches to provide transportation to children who have a need.  If you need a ride, call and leave your number and information and we will contact you about arranging for a ride.  Since this is a volunteer initiative, space for rides may be limited. 

Should parents stay during Homework Night?

  • Yes!  We would love for you to stay.  We will regularly have an informational meeting or training session for parents.  You could also serve as a tutor. 

Can I volunteer?

Can I help lead or expand this?

  • Our children need a legion of volunteers and leaders.  We would love to have your leadership to design and implement Homework Night @ Zion (our pilot site) and throughout our Parish.  Sign up at, come talk to us @ Zion on Monday Nights, and come to the next leadership meeting. 

How can I keep up to date with Homework Night?

  •  Our first method of communication is  We will also send out regular emails to parents and volunteers.  We will work to provide printouts of the latest info for parent’s/volunteers who need that to hand out on Monday Nights.