Saturday, February 25, 2012

Voices of Children Banquet was, literally, Awesome!

We use the phrase, "You should have been there" often.  What a special evening.  The children of our community put on this incredible evening.  Elementary children, mostly, served the three courses to the 300 or so in attendance.  Children did all of the presenting, singing, performing and speaking for the evening.  

The children, with a little leadership and some loving kindness from caring adults showing them what could be, were incredible!  Let their voices ring, then the city will be different.

There were so many incredible moments - so we captured them on video so you could be there too.  

Our Keynote Address, "The city should be Different," Hannah Pettefer
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Here is her speech, reprinted in the American Press!

Don't watch this next one if you don't want to be moved...
This is a 5th Grader, and his address shares the incredible hope and help that changes lives when caring adults engage as a classroom mentor.  Watch and be ready to be moved.

Hero Song! #Wow
The 5th Grade at Kennedy Elementary honored their Hero - their Classroom Mentor, Mr. Willie King!
Listen as this incredible 5th Grader shares her appreciation to Willie
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Below are the pictures from the night, in timeline form.  Look in the background of the photo's of the tables and adults...and you'll see the Children, serving with smiles!  What a Night!








They Sang beautifully!  Congratulations, Ms. Woods - Volunteer of the Year for Homework Night!
Our Keynote Speaker! Her speech will be republished in the American Press



In nearly every photo...Children Serving!  RockOn!


A Child Hero - Gage Navarre!



Mayor Roach giving his response to the evening.  

The Children in the Closing Ceremony