Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Homework Night @ City Council

Tonight, three students from the 100 Black Men leadership group made a brief presentation to the Lake Charles City Council.  A dozen of their classmates sat in the gallery, and we answered questions with the Council after the short presentation.  The topic is the need in our city for a renewal in education.  Children are suffering here from family breakdown, the impact the drugs in culture...and we're saying "enough!"

The response to this calamity, emanating from high school students, community leaders and others in churches and schools, is that it is our responsibility to step in and help, to Re-Assemble a village in support of education.  Churches, people, businesses, all connected in support of a goal to help children become educated, and know they are loved and valued.

Thus is born the vision of Homework Night.

We're having a Walk for Education on MLK day, January 17, 2011.  And Homework Night will begin soon after that.

Check back here in the next week for details on the walk.  Until then, set up time on January 17 to stake your claim in a movement to change our city, our parish.

Also, please join our Facebook Group, Homework Night on Facebook

What would it look like to change the future of a child?